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Feedback from The Future Sessions

The first session in summer of 2018 included leaders from private liberal arts colleges, public and private universities, and independent schools from California to New Jersey.

“I’m so glad I decided to attend The Future Sessions. It’s the antidote for bloated higher ed conferences that end up feeling like a waste of time. At this one, every moment mattered. The learning went beyond changing what I do to impacting how I approach my work and how I feel about my role. I’ve been in this field for a long time, but I now feel armed with a new toolkit that will help me to address any challenge and leverage every opportunity. I also gained a great network of smart colleagues from institutions across the country. Pete doesn’t just know his stuff or put it on like a suit—it’s part of his DNA. His knowledge is broad and deep, and his generosity of spirit creates an atmosphere of good cheer.”
Barbara Stambaugh, Vice President for Communications, Franklin & Marshall College

“I found it very helpful to take the often nebulous idea of ‘strategy’ and be guided through a process of making it concrete and actionable.”
Chaney Kourouniotis, Assistant Director for Communications, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, Stanford University

“As one of my bootcamp colleagues put it, it gave us structured time to think about why, rather than jumping to tactics like most conferences. Each session—from Sunday’s What versus Why, to each morning’s labyrinth walk—prepared you for the next and brought the group closer together.”
Christine Velazquez, Assistant Vice President of University Communications, Furman University

“At its core, The Future Sessions delivered a daily dose of hope, discovery, joy and peace—intangibles that often get lost in the daily grind of doing our jobs. The conference allowed participants to get beyond the ‘what’ of the many hats we wear and tasks we juggle to reconnect with the most important part of our professional selves: why we do what we do on behalf of our institutions and the students we serve.”
Gail Towns, Executive Director of Marketing & Communications, Georgian Court University

“Great content that relates to what I do and how I need to approach my work. Always nice to discuss issues with fellow communicators facing similar challenges.”
Jeff Stensland, Director of Public Relations, University of South Carolina

“I came away with the tools I would need the very day I returned to campus. Also with insights into my own strengths and areas for development.”
Maureen Leming, Director of Communications and Marketing, The Hun School of Princeton 

“It was hugely impactful in a variety of areas. It was also very full. We made great use of the time we had.”
Molly O’Brien Foelsch, Chief Communications Officer, Lebanon Valley College