Communications Built to Inspire Change
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Good communication is what you say, to whom, how, and when. But mostly it’s why you say it and whether it sticks.

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Strategic Planning

Every aspirational institution, like every leader, has a distinct mission to express.


Institutional Strategies

Getting to the root of what separates an institution requires tough questions, honesty, reflection, and confidence in what is possible. Through a step-by-step process, we'll help you draw out the attributes and promise that distinguish your institution. Working closely with you, we will produce a clear, visionary articulation of your goals that will guide your organization for years to come.

Communications Strategies

Meaningful, effective communications strategies are grounded in a deep understanding of their audiences. Because it is so important to design strategies to reach specific audiences, we've partnered with Hart Research. Since 1971 Hart has been at the forefront of strategic opinion research, and we have worked together for more than a decade. We will conduct perceptions research that provides actionable results, and from that foundation build a comprehensive strategic and tactical plan tailored to connect your audiences with your institution.

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Leadership Counsel

Sometimes the most useful voice is the one outside, particularly if that person has confronted similar challenges. 


As the top communications executive at universities, colleges, nonprofits, and government foundations, we have confronted many of the toughest issues that institutional leaders eventually face. Whether it’s crisis management, leadership transitions, internal communications challenges, or rolling out major news, we can provide perspective, ideas, and planning. Through our extensive network of associates, we can help promptly address every angle of the most complex situations.  


Increasingly schools, colleges, universities, and other non-profit organizations find themselves in need of communications leadership or want to expand teams to address the challenges of today’s intense communications environment. We have built teams large and small across public and private nonprofit institutions, and can guide you in growing strong teams. This includes identifying core needs, assessing talent, defining job portfolios, and creating structures tailored for impact, efficiency, and creativity.

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Executive Communications

Words, and how they’re delivered, can transform reputations.


Public Speaking

Whether you are a leader looking to hone your skills, a rising star who wants to strengthen your speaking abilities and confidence, or a colleague who sees the potential in someone else, we can help. We have trained a wide variety of professionals—from college presidents to pastors. Training individuals on public speaking is a special passion of ours. It's exciting, joyous even, to provide the guidance and tools that give others more confidence in sharing their ideas.

Executive Writing

Words matter. Stories matter. They change perspectives, inspire action, re-frame the question, and foster understanding. Whether you’re looking for the language for a major speech, a letter that will reach tens of thousands of constituents, campaign case statements, or publishable commentaries, we’ve written them all.

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Crisis Communications Strategies,
Media Engagement

Crisis communications and media relations can define institutional and individual reputations.


Crisis Communications Strategies

The impact of a badly handled crisis can last years. I assess and build customized crisis communications strategies, including tailored protocols, checklists, and decision trees. These documents are built for actionable decision-making and quick and attentive communications management from the time a crisis begins until the matter is resolved.

Media Engagement

Involving an array of faculty and administrators in media outreach can make your institution a go-to place for thought leadership. I train experienced and new voices in media engagement, teach op-ed writing (providing support from conception to submission), and advise institutions in building content that draws media interest.